Deliver flawless customer experience with the Abuzz Smart Directories

Our wayfinding software helps customers by simplifying access to information. It provides relevant information to customers faster than ever before.
The beautifully designed interface places the user at the centre of the experience.
The Abuzz wayfinder software can also be installed on your existing hardware!

Contact Abuzz for minimum required hardware specifications.

Only looking for a hardware solution?

Check the Abuzz Pre-designed or custom hardware solution here.

The Abuzz Smart Directory is a hardware agnostic, highly-evolved, interactive solution, that presents complex directional information in a simple and intuitive way.

Data Events
Data & Events Driven Interactive Navigation
Smart Search
Smart Search
Way finding device software
Accessibility Mode & Lift Routes
Advertising Mode
Advertising Module
Third Party Module Integration Include (CMS)

Integration With
Mobile Application &

Data Analytics
Data Analysis
Mobile Map
Mobile Map
wayfinding device software
Cloud and On-Premise Installation
Intuitive and user friendly CMS

A beautiful Interface in any language

The Abuzz Platform

A module that encompasses Analytics, Content Management and Media Scheduling in one multi-functional platform.


Abuzz CMS offers a unique and unrivalled interconnected platform that enables:


Abuzz Analytics is designed to help with your monthly reporting needs.
It is a great tool to measure performance and customer experience in any given time period.
Abuzz data is commonly used alongside monthly sales reports, traffic counts, WiFi activity and social media interactions.


Abuzz developed a sophisticated, cloud-based media-scheduling platform, so you can take full advantage of your digital media capabilities.
Prevent your customers from becoming overwhelmed and enhance customer experience today!
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